Jun 24, 2024

Presto Digital Fund 1 Performance Update: April 2024

Presto Digital Fund 1 Performance Update (Apr 2024) chart

We are thrilled to announce a performance update for Presto Digital Fund 1, our multi-strategy fund focused on digital assets.


April 2024 marked another month of exceptional performance for Presto Digital Fund 1. The fund delivered a return of 12.16% and 9.85% for GP Class and Class B respectively. We are proud to report that Class B has maintained its streak of positive monthly returns since the fund's inception, showcasing the resilience and consistency of our investment strategies. Our fund continues its stellar performance as it has delivered more than 300% over the year, with current year-to-date (YTD) return at 100.81% and 9.46 Sharpe Ratio for GP Class.

Despite the turbulent market conditions since April, our fund continued to outperform thanks to the unwavering commitment to excellence demonstrated by our talented team of engineers and traders. Their expertise, combined with our disciplined risk management practices, has allowed us to navigate the volatility of the digital asset market successfully. The fund continues to deliver strong returns for May.

Our team is focused on enhancing our highest caliber data-driven investment edge with additional investment into AI and trading infrastructure. We remain committed to delivering exceptional risk-adjusted returns for our investors and to maintaining our position as a leader in the digital assets investment space.

Industry Recognition:

We are honored to announce that Presto Digital Fund 1 has been recognized by BarclayHedge as the top-performing fund in the cryptocurrency sector for the month of April. This marks the second time this year that our fund has received this prestigious recognition, further validating our investment approach and the skill of our team.


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