Daily Market Brief

Jul 8, 2024

Daily Market Brief 240708

Peter Chung
Min Jung
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  • After an eventful week, the market remained rangebound during the weekend. $BTC is now at $55,861 and $ETH is now at $2,930.

  • This week’s calendar includes Powell’s testimony on Wednesday, CPI on Thursday, and earnings from JPM, Citi, and BofA on Friday.

  • Last Friday, Mt. Gox started repayments to some of the rehabilitation creditors. However, The Block reports that some creditors, like Kraken users, may have to wait up to three months to receive their $BTC.

  • During the last 24 hours, the top three gainers were $SAT, $H2O, and $NOT, while the top three losers were $MOG, $TRUMP, and $POPCAT.

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Peter ChungHead of Research
Min JungResearch Analyst